Asema software licensing service.

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Some software from Asema requires a registration to become fully functional. The registration grants you the full license to use the software according to the license terms of the software in case.

To register the software, you need to create a registration token. In software that requires a registration, the token generation can be found in the About and Licensing menus of the software. Once you have generated the token, copy it from the software and enter it to the box above.

Note that in many cases the registration will lock the copy of the software to the computer you are using the software in. In the software is moved to another computer, a new registration is needed.


A lot of Asema's software is available for free. No specific license registration nor payment is needed to use the software. Note that a free license means "free to use". Reselling, modifying, reverse engineering is always strictly prohibited.


A commercial license is a license granted against a payment. If you need a commercial license, enter the token from your software here, you will be automatically forwarded to a shop from where you can make the payment. Commercial licenses may have a time limit. In this case the software runs normally until the license expires and may then either shut down or refuse to restart with full features.


Demo licenses give you a limited or full feature set to test for a limited amount of time. Once the demo license expires, you need to buy a commercial license to be able to continue using the software.


An expired licensis, is the name implies, a license that used to be in force but has expired. To renew the license and continue using the software, generate a new token and validate it in this service.


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